Meet the Board: Mikki Nuckols

Meet the Board is a new feature wherein we’ll share a bit more about the IMLA board members.  We’d like to be more than just a bunch of pretty faces. 

f287b3b2-407b-4086-8b1e-6823bb8d6c5aMeet Mikki:

I have been very fortunate to be able to travel all over the world and see the places that are in the books I love to read. I think next to spending time with my family and working in the garden with my two Pugs I love to explore. I also love committee work with my school, the district, and state. I am also a 2007 Milken Education Award winner. Both of my degrees are from ISU but my money went to BSU along with my kids. I hope someday to get my PhD. In literacy from BSU. That is a bucket list item.

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