Round Table: Randy Jensen and Jeffrey Read

Every year, we host a Round Table Discussion with Educational Experts.  This year’s Discussion features two amazing educators you will definitely not want to miss — Randy Jensen and Jeff Read.

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randy jensenRandy Jensen

Randy Jensen has been the Principal of William Thomas Middle School in American Falls, for the past 26 years.  He was awarded the Bev Bradford Distinguished Service Award at the 2014 IMLA conference.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Secondary School Principals and has also been West Region Trustee on the executive board of the National Middle School Association. He was the 2005 National Principal of the Year.  He has served as President for the Idaho Middle Level Association.  His school was recognized as one of the top 30 Secondary Schools in the Nation by the Center for Secondary School Redesign three of the last six years  He has been a featured speaker at many national and state conferences.. He has a Masters Degree in Educational Administration from Idaho State University.  Randy is very active in his community where he has helped start and still directs many youth programs. He and his wife Kristen have four children.

Jeffrey ReedJeffrey Read

I retired at the end of the end of the 2012-2013 school year after serving 14 years as a middle school teacher and 14 years as a middle school and high school administrator. I spent 21 years in the American Falls School District and seven years in the Nampa School District. The last two years I have spent working with the Preston and Blackfoot School Districts as a Capacity Builder and RTI coach.

My ability to communicate both verbally and in writing has always been one of my biggest strengths. I was raised in a home full of books and even now have a personal library that numbers in the hundreds. I have always felt very comfortable presenting at educational conferences and have done so on numerous occasions and on varied and important educational subjects and content

Working with a team has always been a mainstay of my educational philosophy both as a teacher and perhaps even more so as an administrator. The collective knowledge and energy of a group will always surpass the efforts of an individual. During my 14 years as an administrator I always had a Leadership Team of teachers, students, ancillary staff, and administrators, whose responsibility it was to make decisions based on data and best practices research. I generally selected a couple of key players to be a part of these teams, but for the most part they were chosen by their peers.

During my seven years as principal at American Falls High School I was able to lead a team of teachers to help move a school that was perpetually failing to meet the accountability thresholds set by the state (AYP Jail), to one that was a four star school in 2011-2012 and a five star school in 2012-2013. This was accomplished as school budgets were basically gutted, morale had a tendency to waiver, and education as a whole was in a state of flux and disarray in this state. I believe strongly in my ability to motivate and engage people in a shared vision and common cause. Having led a school from the dregs of AYP jail to the highest rating a school can have, is an accomplishment of which I am very proud. I would be excited and honored to be in a position to help other struggling schools achieve this same kind of success. I would be honored to meet with you and talk about the possibilities and opportunities.

IMLA circle Round TableJoin IMLA at Eagle Middle School from 6pm-8pm on February 26, 2015 with Randy Jensen and Jeffrey Read as we discuss leadership trends and topics in middle level education in Idaho. Registration for this seminar includes dinner. This event is open to non-IMLA members as well as people not attending the annual conference Feb 27-28th.

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