Testimonial is a regular feature of the new IMLA website.  This is where we’ll share reflections from IMLA members about what they’ve taken from our conference and implemented in their schools.

The following Testimonial comes from Kim Williams, Teacher at William Thomas Middle School

Many years ago I attended an IMLA conference and a presentation was given on “Learn Ball”. “Learn Ball” is a classroom management technique that I have used ever since.  I have tweaked it to fit my needs and I have passed it on to many other teachers.  It is very effective and it is fun for the students.

IMLA has been the source of many teaching ideas for me throughout the years.  I think we are fortunate in Idaho to be able to attend a conference of such quality geared especially to the middle years age group with which we deal.  I have also been to many National middle school conferences around the country and, although they offer some amazing opportunities and ideas, the consistent quality of our own state conference is superior.

Presenters for IMLA realize what Idaho teachers need and it is because they ARE Idaho teachers themselves!  It is easy, and has always been easy, to stay connected with the presenters at IMLA conferences and continue getting advice and having a dialogue.  Those types of dialogues are invaluable.  And the relationships I have developed with other Idaho educators over time are invaluable as well. IMLA has been one of the very best professional development opportunities I have had access to in my 27 years of teaching in Idaho.
Many thanks to Kim for sharing this with us.  We hope you’ll come see us in February and pick up many new ideas and strategies you can implement, as well.  Don’t forget to register!


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