Heads up! 2016 Conference Information!



c94c65_13d54af1665f4143beffd9396c9d4c06.jpg_srz_805_433_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzWe’ve finalized plans for the 2016 conference, and can’t wait to see you in February at Lone Star Middle School in Nampa.  Our Keynote speaker this year is the one and only Derrick Boles.  (click his picture!)

Big Changes

We’ve made some pretty big changes in the past year, and this year is no exception.

From a new website (did you notice we’re back at idahomiddle.org?) to a new mailing address, to a redesigned newsletter, we’re working to make the IMLA and our conference work better for our members.

Our Conference has been radically streamlined to provide our members with an entertaining, informative, and inspiring conference, while still allowing members to keep some of their weekend. 🙂

From special opportunities and benefits for IMLA members, we will also be offering access to other resources, information, and tools not available for non-members.

Two things…

Make sure you or your school are up to date on your Membership.

And be sure to hurry over to our Conference Info page to lock in lower pricing for the conference.  Our “early bird” date is is coming up very soon!

Hit us up at idahomiddle@gmail.com if you have any further questions.



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