Have an idea for next year’s conference?


Oh, man!  What a conference we had this year!

We were so thrilled with the messages shared by our Keynote speaker Marco Torres, and by the variety of topics covered in our breakout session speakers and teams.  We received a TON of positive feedback from you about the timeliness of information covered in those sessions, that we thought we’d lean on you just a little more to see what YOU would like to see in next year’s conference.

If you click on the giant picture above (or even if you click right here), you’ll be taken to a form that asks you to share out ideas about the topics you’d like to see covered in the 2018 IMLA conference.

2018’s conference is entitled Shape the Future, and because of that title, we’re looking to you and your students to help bring your voices to shaping the content and tone of our conference.  We’re looking for your students to participate in more authentic ways, and to publish for a larger audience.

So, when it comes to middle level education in Idaho, please fill out the form above and let us know about the topics most important to you.