Have an idea for next year’s conference?


Oh, man!  What a conference we had this year!

We were so thrilled with the messages shared by our Keynote speaker Marco Torres, and by the variety of topics covered in our breakout session speakers and teams.  We received a TON of positive feedback from you about the timeliness of information covered in those sessions, that we thought we’d lean on you just a little more to see what YOU would like to see in next year’s conference.

If you click on the giant picture above (or even if you click right here), you’ll be taken to a form that asks you to share out ideas about the topics you’d like to see covered in the 2018 IMLA conference.

2018’s conference is entitled Shape the Future, and because of that title, we’re looking to you and your students to help bring your voices to shaping the content and tone of our conference.  We’re looking for your students to participate in more authentic ways, and to publish for a larger audience.

So, when it comes to middle level education in Idaho, please fill out the form above and let us know about the topics most important to you.


We’d just like to thank you so much for all of your time, your travel, your presence, and everything you brought to the IMLA 2017 conference!

We hope you were refreshed and rejuvenated by the amazing presenters and their fresh takes on what makes life in the middle so exciting.

Hope you have your eyes set on next year’s conference as we all prepare to Shape the Future of middle level education!

2017 Conference!

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Save the date for our 2017 conference: February 17-18 at Sage International School in Boise.

Make sure to check out our Membership page for information about how to become an IMLA member school.

And make sure you visit our Conference Information page for pricing information:

Keep an eye out for updates soon about our Keynote speaker and other offerings.


We’d like to extend a gigantic thanks to Lone Star Middle School, Principal Greg Heideman, and to you, our attendees for making the 2016 conference so fantastic!

We tried out several new ideas this year, from the scheduled date to showing a film to dodgeball  and more.  We’re currently going through your feedback to see what you thought about some of our changes as well as what you thought about the conference overall this year.

If you didn’t get the chance to leave feedback for us, here’s the form again.

That said, we’re already excited about next year’s conference, Scheduled at Sage International School in Boise.  (We’ll announce dates soon.) The topic of that conference?

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2016 Program!

HOT OFF THE PRESSES, Check out our 2016 program!  Here’s your one-stop guide to who’s presenting and what other events are available at the IMLA conference.  (Click the image)

IMLA 2016 Program

A Special Offer from Our Keynote Speaker Derrick Boles

c94c65_13d54af1665f4143beffd9396c9d4c06.jpg_srz_805_433_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzAs you know, our Keynote Speaker for the 2016 IMLA conference is none other than the incredible, powerful, and motivational speaker, Derrick Boles.

146DB-UNIVERSITYDerrick’s latest endeavor, Boles Academy, is a unique blend of professional development, mentorship and brand management. Derrick and his team are committed to supporting clients to maximize their potential for growth and impact. Boles University’s core principles are based on their Founders vision for developing next generation of influencers on a global scale.

bbgAnd now for the special offer for IMLA members:  Derrick and his team at Boles University are offering a discount for his Bully Be Gone training.  This program has been designed exclusively for educators, teachers, staff, and administrators. It will expand your knowledge, maybe shift your perspective, and give you tools to be more effective in the school and in the classroom setting. Throughout this course, Derrick discusses the school climate, risk factors, and more. This is a live filming, working with a school district, and with educators who attended the live training.

Normally this course costs $45, but IMLA members are being offered the course for a discounted price of $29!  (click here to take this course)

Hurry over to Boles University and the Bully Be Gone course page to lock in this one-time offer.

This offer is only available to IMLA members from today through our 2016 conference.




In the Middle – Early January Newsletter!


We’d just like to share with you January’s newsletter that is available for all present and past IMLA members. Please share it with your staff.

There’s some interesting information in this one, and an invitation for you to share out why you love teaching — the link goes directly to our Facebook page so that you can share that story, and so that you can follow the page for future updates, links, and more.

Enjoy, and have a great new year!

(click the image to access the newsletter)
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