2021 Virtual Conference 

In this hectic school year, IMLA remains committed to helping you find inspiration and rejuvenation as we push through the struggles and strive to make the best of what circumstances have given us. We are pleased to announce that we have four top notch presenters binging us hope, encouragement, and direction this year.

These unique times have taken us all out of our comfort zone and forced us to find new ways to do things. As such, IMLA will be an online and asynchronous event this year. For the low price of $250, your entire building can share in multiple sessions presented and recorded by each of our four keynote presenters.

As if that weren’t enough, Jack Berckemeyer, in his unfailing grace and enthusiasm as an educator, has partnered with IMLA to also include a one year subscription to the The Nuts and Bolts Symposium content.

In pajamas or a polo, at a desk or on the couch, don’t miss this tremendous deal!