Learn More – IMLA Conference 2024

To submit articles/student work for publication, please email: idahomiddle@gmail.org.


Our Vision

The vision of the Idaho Middle Level Association is an organization dedicated to providing support of ideas, research and educational innovations educators need to reach their students, schools and communities.

IMLA exists to offer knowledgeable professional development opportunities that are specifically targeted to topics and issues educators deal with on a daily basis. An annual conference, regional workshops, newsletters, web site and networking offer a comprehensive collection of information in which educators can utilize back in their classrooms, schools and districts.

As a resource organization, IMLA is dedicated to providing access to a vast selection of resource materials which will assist students, parents, teachers and administrators alike with an understanding of young adolescents in the middle school environment, instructional planning and curriculum revision.


Get Involved

Contact your region representative to learn how you and your colleagues can get involved at the local level. Have an amazing story to tell? Write an article for publication on our blog. Want to lead a local book study? Our region reps can help get the word out.