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EDPD53849 - Idaho Middle Level Association - Annual Conference - 2024 


2024 Conference

A Vue from the Middle

IMLA is proud to partner with Summitvue Middle School in Caldwell for our next conference.

Join us February 2nd and 3rd for learning and laughing.

We are please to announce our Keynote speaker: Jonathan Grant Brown

Jonathan Grant Brown

Jonathan Brown, AVID's dedicated Community Engagement Manager, passionately champions higher education, drawing inspiration from his personal journey through the foster care system and as an AVID alumnus. With a mission to close the opportunity gap, AVID prepares all students for college and career readiness, aiming for success in a global society. As an AVID student, tutor, and one of the pioneering AVID instructors in higher education, Jonathan traversed the United States as a motivational speaker, sharing how AVID opened doors of opportunity for his future. Instrumental in developing an AVID First-Year Seminar at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, he instilled crucial skills for college navigation and critical thinking.

Jonathan, an innovative leader in higher education, collaborates with internal stakeholders to reshape conventional practices, empowering students to take ownership of their learning. Armed with a B.A. degree in Communication and an M.Ed., he emphasizes the transformative power of positive student relationships, accelerating learning and instilling greater accountability. Jonathan, as an educator, underscores the importance of cultivating exceptionalism and encourages students to embrace their roles as innovators, creators, and discoverers of the future. AVID's overarching mission aligns seamlessly with Jonathan's commitment to empowering students and educators on their journey to a successful future.

His Friday evening session is titled Why Every Teacher Should Interrupt their Students and Saturday covers Ownership, Skills, and Relationship. Building a Campus Culture of Success.

Session Information


Administrators Roundtable

Lisa BoydLisa Boyd currently serves as the superintendent for Vallivue School District. Ms. Boyd is going to be leading an administrative roundtable event on February 2nd, directly before the start of our conference. If you are interested in attending this event to hear about Lisa and her journey into leadership, please make sure to register and attend. Dinner will be supplied.




Opening Keynote

Jonathan Grant Brown Why Every Teacher Should Interrupt their Students

Jonathan will take you on a journey through his early life and how he struggled to fit into the system. This gave way to actin' a fool and almost giving up on having a future. Many teachers and administrators helped him along his path, but it was D² that started an interruption that was pivotal in moving Jonathan off of one path and onto another.




Hot Topics

Christie JorgensenDr. Christie Jorgensen is the Building Administrator at Falcon Ridge Charter in Kuna, Idaho. We are looking forward to Dr. Jorgensen presenting on total participation techniques.

“Are you looking for ways to transform your classroom, engage your students, and add tools to your teaching toolbox? The Total Participation Techniques mini workshop is for you! This one-of-a-kind professional learning opportunity is perfect for middle school teachers, and is set in a hands-on, collaborative environment. There will be techniques to implement right away and one lucky door prize winner!”


Dr. Melyssa Ferro is the STEM Coordinator / Digital Integration and Innovation Specialist for Caldwell School District. Artificial intelligence seems to be the new cutting edge technology, attend Dr. Ferro’s presentation on Enhancing Teacher Productivity: Unleashing the Power of AI Apps.

“Whether you're an educator seeking enhanced efficiency or an administrator championing innovative support for your teaching staff, this conference session is your gateway to unlocking AI's potential. Join us in revolutionizing education, amplifying teacher productivity, and shaping a future where AI and educators collaborate harmoniously to nurture enriched learning experiences.” (Description written by Chat GPT 3.5)


Dr. Nate Anderson is a statewide PBIS coordinator at Boise State University. We are looking forward to finding out how to use our superpowers for classroom management.

“We can use consistent prevention, effective teaching, and purposeful response practices to help make those undesired behaviors less likely to occur. Since teaching is your superpower, learn how you can use it to develop a disciplined learning environment by taking the instructional approach to behavior. Walk away with a new perspective on behavior and a plan to create your best learning environment.”


Jonathan Grant BrownOwnership, Skills, and Relationship. Building a Campus Culture of Success.


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